Famous First Words



Cards may be purchased individually for $1.00 each with PayPal ... and even customized with your own phrase ~ please supply text.

The cards will be sent via e-mail as PDF or JPG ~ please state format preference, e-mail address, which card(s) and size required:  Cleopatra - Confucius - Cupid - Custer - Dracula - Einstein - Isaac Newton - Joan of Arc - Maharishi - Marie Antoinette - Marilyn - Mick - Mona Lisa - Mr. Potato Head - Napoleon - Neanderthal Man - Picasso - Quasimodo - Robinson Crusoe - Socrates - Tarzan - The Mad Hatter - Thomas Edison - Vincent van Gogh ...

... more Famous First Words coming soon

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Unless a person knows the source or reference for the Famous First Words, the meaning is lost.

e.g. not having heard the phrase, 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder' and not knowing the J. Edouard Pernot poster, 'Absinthe' was created by Leonetto Cappiello, an Italian and French poster art designer, the following card is meaningless.

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